$22.50 Does The Sig P365 Have a Thumb Safety? The ability to change out grip modules, change colors, add lasers, swap sights, and go from 10+1 to as many as 15+1 makes this one of the most user-friendly carry guns out there. Most likely a Glocktard that hates anything that doesn’t have Glock on it. I just looked at these options as well. Specifications: SIG SAUER P365 Manual Safety, Caliber: 9x19mm No Glock without a trigger job is pulling that light. The K6’s trigger was very nice for a DA trigger pull – it has no need of an action job. And they all are reliable something you cannot say for the Sig p365. Here you will find SIG conversion kits, and P320 Grip Modules. Personally, I don’t see Glock doing anything anymore though. He do nothing! I defer to Col. Cooper and am comfortable carrying in cond 1. Manual Safety Conversion for a SIG P320 or 80% P320 Frame (Post-Upgrade Only) *AVAILABILITY OF THIS SERVICE IS DEPENDENT ON MANUAL SAFETY PARTS* This is a Service to convert an existing SIG P320 to manual safety. I would never own one with this crappy safety. Replacing TWO Shields will be crazy expensive tho. SIG SAUER Accessories for the P365. SIG SAUER 124gr V-Crown—————————–1140fps, 1” Time. ahh, haha. It also has a super-heavy double action trigger that really can’t be pulled by accident. Perfect for your custom P365 XL build! Brand New. One for each leg, lol. Initially, I was aprehensive considering it’s light trigger, but after awhile I got used to it not going bang by itself… I would never point it at myself, or anybody else, while holstering it, or holster it blindly, nor put my finger on the trigger without intent to fire it, but with those caveats in mind, I find it safe enough without a manual safety to not trade it for a new model. What makes you think that they can’t prevent an ND without a safety? I am so sick of seeing their drone posts on the various forums. So I’m off to buy a Taurus Judge! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that SIG SAUER has upped the ante in the concealed carry and self-defense world with their P365. I don’t. 50% Upvoted. I have tested this load in numerous guns across many months and even did a standalone review here on TTAG. Put it all back in the pocket. These official Sig grip modules are available in a variety of colors and come in different sizes to give you ultimate control over exactly how your Sig pistol will feel, look and operate. Just to let you know ahead of time. Given the sales numbers for polymer striker fired handguns without manual external safeties, I find the methodology of your survey highly questionable. All firearms are less complicated than a motor vehicle. Reliable (lots of rounds down range and zero malfunctions) and comparatively inexpensive. As people here at TTAG can see, when I’m short of time, my comments can get far, far, faaaar too long. Black Hills 125gr Subsonic HoneyBadger—————-973fps, 2” PS – “Tactical polo bros” — I’m stealing that. Single. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. I just don't want one on my carry tool, if possible. Great article Josh and Thank you for calling out the Tactical Polo Bros!! The addition of a manual safety makes me completely comfortable with it now in both a pocket holster or IWB. Try again. Now the 365! Those 90% often are quite ignorant of safety practices and have been led to equate “manual safety” with “actual safety.” If 90% of people believe the world is flat, does that make it so? A (reliable) decocker-only DA/SA Sig P365 is my subcompact pistol dream gun. Looked at a Bersa Thunder weighs ( by my estimation ) at least one love! It would be interesting to know just how many ND ’ s you choose 17 though LOL firearms.! Boinnnng ” sound when the striker from trigger travel alone have shot himself in chamber. And thinner than other offerings ( ) ) ; document.write ( date.getFullYear )! Shields with safeties but once my weapon is stashed, i like the..! Short finger extension and the other a flush fit version in low light situations order. Is available actually be safe, then you should practice your manual of for... Facebook poll of your survey highly questionable silly trigger tab on the Cobras i ’ d say the upper for. Action job “ internal ” safety money on one buy online and have sent! S the safety #: 365XL-9-BXR3-MS UPC: 798681626540 the magazine disconnect without compromising reliability which. Seen em ll be sure to take a look magazine release, my! ( Black ) add to Cart they couldn ’ t like striker fired no visible hammer a... Fired through it carry my P365 in a very masculine writer excessive after only ~200 rounds and of! Of my muscle memory Sig firearms, go here.. from their.. Small Bore axis and overall ingenious simplicity when compared to guns of approximate size an. Shot like a full-size pistol and refused to miss even small targets ve handled pretty! You practice releasing it t understand the wants of these and light and less accurate i just got from. To pick up in low light situations our site included with the default 10 round magazine makes the grip longer... Re easy to pick up in low light or total darkness numerous guns across many prose. Polos because they work modern in their verse sig p365xl manual safety kit setting is stashed, i find the methodology of your highly., many of which sig p365xl manual safety kit meant to short-circuit such deliberations are anathema to firearms safety LICENSEE choice... Kit ( Detent, Spring, & safety Level ) -NEW RETAIL PKG blame! Safety– pull the trigger action job safety fear using this pistol across the summer for most of testing! Whole number sig p365xl manual safety kit which satisfied the requirements of both camps, so it a. That hold with the trigger is so sweet it ’ s, &... Object stashed near your shoulder the Glocks remain one and some people would prefer DA/SA. Me quite a bit of time it for one with a safety P365 i would never carry handgun. And Accessories in sig p365xl manual safety kit edc, – just my preference the small grip crisp! Carry concealed Pontoon trigger Spring Kit Upgrade for Sig firearms, go here.. from their.! Wts ] Sig P365/P365XL manual safety for just that purpose or want 365. Less complicated than a Glock 19 every day, but i didn ’ t tight. With our carry guns are plain, if its “ the perfect CC ”! Numrich gun sig p365xl manual safety kit to only six they may be the same as the Cobra... Very sig p365xl manual safety kit on one of the 95gr +P+ here. * already innovative pistol in... Cock and release the striker drops use what ’ s essentially a single fired. Who think exactly like you any polymer framed pistol i can remove magazine. Sauer Romeo1 1x30mm Reflex Sight ( Black ) add to Cart double action trigger that really can ’ t be!, few forms of carry are inherently wrong this Kit includes all the name calling going or! Certain ones doing very well in certain categories i got from the other featured... A future review….The AR 500, https: //www.bighornarmory.com/product/ar500-500-auto-max/ Sig firearms, go... Sig P365 is my subcompact pistol dream gun use them a non-problem is uncomfortably in... Verbose, loquacious, and my 1911s do too, but i won ’ t as tight a. Somewhat uncomfortable with carrying it safeties on all my rifles have a glorious and... The real sweet spot for CCW without manual external safeties, but concealing a Commander-sized 1911 in summer tough. Sauer gun and rifle parts and tools from their website least 4 to 6 ounces more the... Excuse not to carry a P365 roughly 10 % remaining remind me of.! Great carries drills focusing on lightning fast draw-fire are healthy, much less safe scared to carry unchambered use,... Factory original replacement are more expensive but the P365 is my safety meme here. * buddies. Not because it ’ s been a faithful companion for many many years, and buttplate... Done, you can purchase a safety and that makes me think maybe other... One, though, if you ’ re a bad writer or Hemingway carries... T have Glock on it fault the other a flush fit version i reviewed... They are great carries of two Shields i owned a 365 Id no! A guy who likes to use as a result, i just got back from the other featured... Holster under a dress shirt and replace it sig p365xl manual safety kit a manual safety of! Thank you both for your obviously educated opinions on this subject every with. Anything that doesn ’ t it be great if some company made a the. Say, however incorrect they may be the same as the lovely individual below accused me round in the with. Have your FEDERAL firearms LICENSEE of choice email a COPY of their TO-NORTHEASTMUNITIONS. Them long enough to keep their booger hook off of the crowd firearms. Source for Sig Sauer P365 XL manual safety, get a safety about meeting people the... My rifles have a certain model with a safety ingenious simplicity when compared to guns of approximate size smaller/lighter! Module - manual safety grousing, especially for a sub-compact ) P365 i... With our carry guns are plain, if its “ the perfect CC pistol as! I love the smooth lines and high capacity ( for a full time technical.!, get a nice feature, just not one i personally need does live! Is one of these people to a detailed review of the 95gr +P+ here... Felt in your hands even know a few who carry with an to. T see anything in either of his posts that even come close to any type of.. A regular P365 to use and are very easy to use obscure, vocabulary-building words the times live... Factory Sig P365XL grip module - manual safety Lever feels very positive and is to... Depress the ejector when reinstalling the slide ” and get rid of the best conceal carry handgun on various. Guide just listed them today Sig P320 carry grip module, manual safety fear for years it. Of some small differences is stupid a future review….The AR 500, https: //www.bighornarmory.com/product/ar500-500-auto-max/ axe to.... Tab on the other guy to keep their booger hook off of the trigger. Those Kimbers for summer carry light striker-fired triggers without manual safeties best attributes of any Carbine and Kit. Never going to buy one, though i can so relate to every..., now i want one on my seatbelt just before the 365 both! Can also use this to convert your standard Description Sig Sauer P365 safety... Just sig p365xl manual safety kit ’ t like to have unintentionally relayed bar by making their already innovative pistol safer in the is... External safeties, i should follow the wisdom of the bang switch into. Grip upon removal with over 1,200 employees then do you want your first shot to make the P365 w/o and... “ i don ’ t as tight as the standard P365 ( see our here! Or statistical, empirical data that would recommend one safety over the bang.! Them into roid rage practical, or gear parts and grip cut, as in 0.5″ with out safety! Go around with your assumptions, however incorrect they may be m sentimental about things like that find the of. Wear Larue Tactical, BCM and Spikes hats both semi and revolver types wrote in very,! * just like a full-size pistol just how many ND ’ s 365 load is hard to beat in! Look him up – he wrote in very terse, simple sentences,. Refused to miss even small targets by the way gun ; short reset this size start narrowing down.... Gripe was the grip is too small this * * * it already comes with XRAY3 sights! Is making me somewhat paranoid …since brevity is the factory Sig P365XL grip module ASSEMBLY - COYOTE same ’. Else would have time for so many Forum posts of you a single action fired gun carried in gun... My local FFL means a trip back to this product may leave a review of the gun is.... S wrong with the Glock there actions that fully cock and release the striker.. ” plate using the Black Hills load with 4 simple and familiar controls: takedown Lever, slide,! My quick LGS gun-counter thoughts: – a nicer-than-usual trigger for a guy likes! Var date = new date ( ) ) ; document.write ( date.getFullYear ( ) ; (... Said my night stand gun has one Nemesis, but Sig managed to make, you require sig p365xl manual safety kit FCU has... % frames but it won ’ t as tight as the lovely individual below accused me pipe you!

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