But what you don’t want to do is simply open the floodgates to member feedback. A simple place to start your engagement survey communication is by determining: Your employees need to know why you are conducting the survey and what the benefits will be if they support the intiative (i.e. communication. City needs to improve internal communication flow and coordination to ensure information quality, consistency & effectiveness. Pulse surveys need to be short. Getting buy-in from the full organization is one of the most difficult parts of running an employee engagement survey. Who is a member of the upgrade team? The top leader should outline his/her personal commitment to employee engagement - what it means, why it matters, and how it will benefit the organization and all stakeholders. Make use of your marketing team to give life to your employee engagement survey communication. Employee Engagement, Senior Leadership Team and Management Orientation. Workplace communication survey questions in this template are designed by experts to gauge the efficiency of employee communications. communications plan will help ensure that everyone involved in your OST initiative is “on the same page” when they are communicating about the project with the rest of the world. However, it seems clear from study after study that planning is still one of the weaker areas for communications as a profession. An employee engagement survey is only as good as the communication plan that supports it. We emphasize "the" action plan because it is important to create buy-in at all levels of the organization. 3. For those who disagreed, now is your chance to prove them wrong! Share the employee satisfaction survey results transparently across the organization as soon as possible, and outline the areas for improvement that emerged from their feedback. Make sure the entire senior leadership team is on the same page and supportive of the action plan. Step #1: Preparing your employee survey (part 2). If the results are mostly negative, you may want to acknowledge that "there is a lot of work to be done", but emphasize that you are eager to tackle the issues and excited about the positive changes that will be coming soon. The Census Bureau’s Integrated Partnership and Communications (IPC) program is a critical component of the effort to reach and motivate individuals in different areas of the country—those whose education, literacy, language, familiarity with computers and the internet, income, and general views and interests vary greatly.The communications strategy and approach will be guided and driven by the IPC with the … For those employees who agreed with this statement, don't let them down. Think about the tone of your message from the employees' perspective. Don't focus on failures to reach targets or disappointments with the response rate or the results. Communication and trust are two key topics related to employee engagement. It is a mixture of art and science in the sense that one needs to think of creative, effective, and innovative ways to get a message to the minds of the target audience. Share the action plan at the same time that you communicate the survey results. Show employees a united front and convey your strength and competence as a leadership. The nine steps in this template address the key aspects that programs should consider: 1. Gauge communication results: Compare actual to target results and determine whether follow-up action is warranted. Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) To craft effective communication, you need to know … How to set up your employee engagement survey communications We have created a solid employee engagement survey communications plan to help you achieve maximum participation. It’s an essential tool across the business world, whether you’re working in marketing, human resources, public relations, or corporate affairs. This is your chance to turn the corner and set things moving in the right direction. Employees should be able to see a positive impact fairly quickly, even if the impact is modest. Highlight the benefits to each employee. Other companies take a more top-down approach. You will need to decide how you want to approach this. For manual surveys, your employees should receive an envelope containing the questionnaire and an accompanying letter. It can also help generate support and buy-in from managers. Don't focus only on the problems, either. Make sure the senior leaders are all on the same page with regard to this timing as well. A culture of feedback can drive agility, growth and innovation in your organization. The decision depends on your organization's culture, size, and the sorts of problems and actions that are needed. These should not be superficial actions. Make a plan today. USA: +1 650.577.9604 but an anonymous survey can be a good start. For many organizations, repeating the survey after one year makes the most sense. Explain why you are conducting the survey. Sign up for monthly updates on the latest HR trends. If you reached any specific response rate goals, recognize those achievements. The email should be sent out a week or so before the survey is scheduled to begin. The importance of contact throughout the engagement survey process is discussed in the communications plan. Engagement survey communication on launch day reinforces all the preparation you've done but once the survey is live, give your people the space to engage with the survey as they see fit. comms planning, internal communications, survey Ask communications professionals if they think planning is important and most will agree it is. You may want to plan the next employee survey after a certain time period to track progress. ‘what’s in it for me’). Phase 1: Prepare for the survey. tools that help companies of any size The action-focused questions shown below are a good indication of how people feel about action being taken as a result of the engagement survey. Don't rush to share results before you are ready, but be timely as well. This article describes how to create a communication plan so that the upgrade team, stakeholders, and users know what to expect before, during, and after the upgrade. Now the task is to put it all together into a plan that you can act on. Understanding what your members think about the way you communicate … Complete the package by including the postage-paid envelope also makes it easier for employees to return the questionnaire if needed. COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PLAN — 20152016 5 2. Phase 3: Review Employee Survey Results and Debrief. This person should be a communications facilitator who can work openly with other members of the evaluation team and program staff to establish the communications plan’s goals and objectives. Start by thanking those who participated. You can use your survey as a tool to gauge the effectiveness of this component of your communications. In the letter you should once again explain what is expected of the employees and why. You need candid feedback to make real decisions — otherwise, it’s just an empty exercise that perpetuates the problem. This allows managers to be prepared for any questions that might arise. engage and develop their employees, Keep the process moving forward while it is still fresh in employees' minds. Announce the upcoming survey, with timeline. A communication plan defines the approach that a program will use to communicate with communities. There are various ways to structure action plans. Employees will quickly grow tired or annoyed if pulsing surveys are too frequent or too long. This survey template will help in understanding where your organization can improve communications internally to boost performance, cross-collaboration, and team dynamics. In my last blog I discussed 7 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Retention Program.The core of that Customer Retention Program should be a Communication Plan – your plan for exactly how you will keep in touch with your customers. Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to create a clear plan. Not sharing at least some high-level results reinforces many of the things that have a negative impact on employee engagement and satisfaction. Know how you’ll contact one another and reconnect if separated. managers, and leaders. While you are completing project planning, you also should be completing communications planning. Just as important, this periodic communication will increase the accountability of those responsible for carrying out the Action Plan. In other areas, share the specific details of the actions that will be taken. It is important to plan and prepare for the entire employee engagement survey process before you begin. Some companies involve employees in the planning process to some degree. Find the right balance, and keep an eye on your response rates. A few weeks or so is fine. Thank employees for their time and candor. The survey will not be considered an immediate priority without the support of your stakeholders and ambassadors, so ensure that you provide them with clear expectations on what they need to do to encourage participation. After all, your people are the ones who will need to make changes to realise those improvements. feedback, employee surveys, and other If your results are overwhelmingly negative, and you can't find very much positive to talk about, you probably need to simply acknowledge the seriousness of the problems. An internal communication audit can take any number of forms (you have to start somewhere!) Collecting the results is only the start line for achieveing the end goal of your employee engagement survey. It should: One of our standard employee survey questions is, "Senior leaders will take action based on the results of this survey." Make sure than managers are not blindsided. If you will involve employees to determine solutions in some areas, communicate that. Define the roles of HR and the top leader, including the support to be given to each senior leader and department manager. In the worst case, employees won’t trust the survey and could even sabotage the survey by deliberately giving misleading answers. If people feel involved in the survey, they will be more willing to act on the results, which is in essence the whole point of the exercise. CustomInsight specializes in 360 degree It is OK to use terms like "employee satisfaction" in your communications, but make the benefits more personal. This means they won't provide the same detailed results as a more comprehensive engagement survey. It usually takes about a year for a company to analyze the survey results, implement an action plan, and for employees to observe the changes and shift their attitudes. We share what we learnt from facilitating our Member Communications Survey and offers tips that’ll help get your next survey started. Employees know what the problems are. Response rates will suffer as a result. A communication plan is a living, breathing document used to align public information activities with the goals, objectives, and key communication messages of the organization. Creating a communications plan is crucial to the success of your survey and to receiving a higher response rate. Seek some degree of balance. This article provides you with practical steps on how to create a successful engagement survey communication plan. Poor communication can decrease participation, create distrust, and lower engagement. Pre-survey communication. If you do not communicate clearly with employees on important issues (such as anonymity, timing, expectations, etc), they may resist or fail to see the importance of such a project. Don't share only the positives, while omitting obvious problems. A communications strategy, or plan, is a document that expresses the goals and methods of an organization's outreach activities, including what an organization wishes to share with the public and whom the organization is trying to reach. The goal is to gain buy-in and set realistic expectations for time commitment. Employee Don't share everything. This organizational communication survey template helps you analyze how robust, transparent, fair, and efficient your company's internal and external communications are. UK: +44 (0)116 251 7988. This communication will lend additional credibility to the survey process by reminding employees that the ideas, suggestions and concerns they expressed were clearly heard and are being acted upon. Using a single platform, you can collect reliable data, analyze the results, and share insights. Step #1: Preparing your employee survey (part 1). Sharing details on how the feedback will be used for action planning will not only help generate support and engagement in the follow-up period, but also show your people that their feedback is meaningful and useful. Before launching your employee survey, you should communicate the plans, goals, and intentions with senior leaders, managers, and employees. Having a select handful of influential people involved from the beginning of the engagement survey communication will favourably affect the response rate once the survey is underway. Your survey's success depends on how well you communicate with your people during every phase of the process. An important first step in creating a communications plan is to select a key spokesperson or spokespeople who will take the lead on developing this plan.

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