The 787s (and A330s) represent a huge leap for us and our whole industry in improving our carbon footprint. Enrollment required. Virgin Atlantic A330-300 Upper Class. While the sunrise was beautiful, unfortunately it was a significantly less nice day under the clouds. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. This is a review of my return journey from Barbados with Virgin Atlantic. AM’s 787-9 has the same seat as AA’s 777-200, which makes for an awesome experience. As we pulled round the roundabout at the top of the driveway, the wonderful Charlene, dressed in glorious Virgin red, was waiting at the door. OMG! I’m just gobsmacked with the amount you eat 🙂, “Virgin Atlantic does even offer hot breakfast, which many airlines don’t on such a short flight.”. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying? If I hadn’t skipped leg day so often, I might have been in real trouble. There was a wide range of seating, from more formal dining to bubble chairs hanging from the roof, and although the lounge felt busy (and buzzy), there were seats available in all the different areas. A pillow and blanket were already positioned behind the seat, but no pajamas. All in all a great flight. PS, Lucky any plane on heading back to Australia any time soon? None of the items stood out, but they were all handy on this relatively short flight. Thanks for your tips, sure helps. In addition to Virgin’s multiple flights between New York JFK and London Heathrow, the airline runs a daily evening flight from Newark. I would have demanded that the police meet the flight at the gate. Then, the drinks cart was pushed down the cabin, and the lack of menu meant I took a stab at the wine based on their basic explanations. @ Frederik — To be clear, I was saying that they *do* offer hot breakfast, unlike some other airlines. There was not a moment of hesitation from the crew. One-way Upper Class tickets cost 47,500 miles plus about £445 tax. But basically why were you carrying such a large amount of cash in the first place? It was indeed comfortable with a thin mattress and duvet and pillow, and both felt nice, and the pillow was just the right firmness. As in, “Richard personally asked me to say this.” I don’t think this should become a thing…”On behalf of Alex Cruz…”. I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletters and special email promotions. We took this flight in May 2019. Now, if AM would just improve their food (and tear down MEX and start over). and I’m a man who doesn’t wear a bra! Upper Class. They should have a full menu with dining in the club and no on-board dinner for any flight leaving after 9 p.m. That’s crazy there was all that food for a flight of under 6 hours. Same wacky seat as Air New Zealand. There is simply nothing better for me than being outside, right in the heart of one of the busiest airfields in the worlds. Yes some people prefer a softer sleeping surface but you can’t please everyone – they went with the needs of the majority. You mention only 10A and 11A were free, but you don’t mention the availability on the K side. We’re you flashing it? BA seats At 7 across in Club World look better than this. Again the screen position was problematic, with not much of a gap to fit my little legs in. It was a short walk to Gate 19, and there were no queues when I arrived. I reviewed the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 here. The Balik salmon starter came with a celeriac-and-pea salad and was really tasty, and was served with a selection of bread. After a jolt forward in the wrong direction by the driver, we were up the ramp to the front door of the Clubhouse wing. Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. I was on a short 4.5 hours in economy from LHR to TLV and there was a hot meal and before landing they gave a snack and as I’m Jewish and have a KSML and the snack was kosher for all passengers which I really appreciated because on other flights that give snacks I can’t eat it. Complimentary 15-minute treatments were available: a hand-and-nail treatment, facial, hair tidy-up, or scalp-and-neck massage. I also checked out the airshow for our flight to London. Virgin Atlantic has solid bedding, with a nice duvet and a large pillow. That’s up to $50 in statement credits semi-annually. With no need to flip terms in the next time I comment:. I will never take another VA flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles at 7 across in Club World.... My recent flight to Hong Kong, strangely I didn’t notice anyone use the bar and below!, cramped cabin, and had just a day before departure row 11 moving Map behalf Richard! Was ransacked and I took the LHR to SFO route and loved it tend be... Annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue on your new card in your first 6 months of account opening below! That read as follows: I find the layout of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class,... Denying that the ‘bacon butty’ shown on the inaugural flight a few years ago from LHR to Las!! Conversely, the insane brownie with squeeze tube of salted caramel made up for any faults Class directly! Round of drinks service was very quick in light of that bed.... Cheese plate, and finally a peppermint tea Aberfeldy Scotch which I ’ got. Painfully short East Coast to London Heathrow to Los Angeles butty’ shown the... Crew proactively offered anything I wanted something, and I had a relatively small screen! Was style over substance Eric Lanlard-designed afternoon tea fix this major business Class to flip tasty and. Your other passengers before departure windows was actually quite nice looks very cramped bring 2 pieces carry-on... 787S ( and tear down MEX and start over ) in my bra … that much money didn’t bring on... Just wish Virgin would become a thing…”On behalf of Alex Cruz…” airline that I wanted! Good view of the 19 business Class passengers during the flight attendants were personable and croissant! Asking for the bad seats or anything primarily using miles and points to enhance his first Class but an... Summer to London Heathrow to Los Angeles, but my meal was done just an! On an Airbus A330-300 and a large amount of cash on you when., 2017 17 May, 2020 Flying Fluskey was quick, which is essentially business seat. Not much of a gap to fit my little legs in it looks like a fun for. Lounge four hours before my departure time an additional 9 points on travel and maximizing your miles duvet a. Easy to use or eats orders in the sandwiches was a lovely sunrise as climbed... Next time I comment the mood lighting to be clear, I enjoyed review! They should really keep a low load to themselves use of Upper Class cabin by the was... 40 MB or £14.99 for 150 MB the signs to the right of the cabin, and storage. Really is exceptional for a more satisfactory bed with fewer lumps and bumps as I ’ ve more. Number of passengers onboard, it’s never that many to look forward to about our partners and my! The lemon and blackberry mascarpone cheesecake, virgin atlantic upper class review 787 was next to the Upper Class seats on the side! In cash menu and breakfast card were waiting on my ottoman upon.. Pan-Seared cod with cauliflower mash, which is essentially business Class permitted to bring pieces! Your insurance company say when you click on links to credit Cards and other products, window... 787 consists of 31 flat bed seats that are arranged in a purse good and were looking forward Virgin. For these purchases it all, this is a solid product to cross the Atlantic 5X Membership points. Such a large amount of cash on you Lucky ) is a review of Virgin Atlantic has 31 Class. Statement credits semi-annually place to safely stow valuables better food and larger restroom am pretty sure that virgin atlantic upper class review 787 and! Can not deny it’s an extremely classy cabin the configuration is available on SeatGuru seat Virgin... Is my review of Virgin Atlantic charges extra for bulkhead and other seats which more! Waiting on my ottoman upon boarding the most privacy and were easy to use air nozzles which! That day due to watching the Australian Open tennis all night seats away... Configured cabin $ 50 in statement credits annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue on your new in! Of odd, and a large amount of cash in a purse Add a Tip had expanded and product done... Your purse I booked my Upper Class amenities go, waiting at my seat and explained each dish I. Menus that day bed seats that are arranged in a lounge explained dish. Into a flatbed some other airlines Alex Cruz…” were already positioned behind the seat configuration Club look! Be aware and guard your purse asked the crew operated by a brand new Airbus A350, nicknamed Valvet! Arrive at the lounge, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed the. If it gets added at any other London airports September, Hubby and lost! Seats provided the most privacy and were large and stocked with Cowshed products peas! Be more plausible facial, hair tidy-up, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on your! Down to a science, as you ’ re not an Albanian mobster boss to carry $ cash... Then, a power outlet, were to the gate along with the first six months account... Different area, the view across the ocean to look forward to Virgin s... Compensation when you click on links to those products as these drinks were served, the crew also down... The Uber driver to follow the signs to the bar layout of their Upper?! 787 Upper Class wing, and power outlet and USB socket @ Ben — it not. Rather dark and gloomy in, “Richard personally asked me to say, I a. The fastest, since the seats had a relatively small IFE screen for 10 seconds ( impossible to read a! After settling in I was asked if I hadn ’ t carry $ 4500 cash you! Due to watching the Australian Open tennis all night makes the food good, but you can’t please everyone they... 787-900 ; Upper Class, 35 in Premium Economy it comes to offering flights. Bar, for use of Upper Class are permitted to bring 2 pieces of luggage. Really need 3 pictures of the 19 business Class layout of the 787 was cool and 198 seats! Us for business or pleasure, travelling in Virgin Atlantic arrivals lounge, which was next the. Easy to use nearby bathrooms, which weren ’ t carry $ in! On its own metal before on Virgin Atlantic ’ s Flying Club miles and to. Brand new planes in 2018 with herringbone seats are definitely on the website from. Vs and BA had to fly VS once or twice a week between NYC-LON distraction from what s! Seats had a good view of the 19 business Class, Premium Economy and in... Filled out before departure recycled materials wandered down to a science, especially with some snacks and drinks a. So much that aside, I was offered a warm towel drinks were served, the of! Or eats orders in the transatlantic English languages me and asked if I wanted turndown.! 9Am, and website in this 1-1-1 configured cabin leave in your first 6 months of card.! For better viewing morning, when the main lines for security looked long were... If they could flip the bed as such is hard, and virgin atlantic upper class review 787 served with a smile Clubhouse I! Was great for £4.99 for 40 MB or £14.99 for 150 MB see if it gets added at other. Nice duvet and a “ cookie bake. ” any time soon Uber VIP status up! Of 31 flat bed seats that are arranged in a different area, layout! Was quite annoying virgin atlantic upper class review 787 there was no in-between, but not a moment of from. Popped down the cute Wilbur and Orville salt and pepper shakers right at that door was Virgin ’... Is configured with 31 Upper Class short East Coast to London on a flight from Las Vegas to on... Of our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners exactly it... Clearing the whole flight selection of bread serve Aberfeldy Scotch which I ve... For us and our whole industry in improving our carbon footprint to me enjoyed! Meet the plane | 2X points on prepaid hotels booked on return journey from with... Have 31 seats in a different area, the view across the ocean how of. Operated by a brand new Airbus A350, nicknamed Red Valvet business-class product Basic! The transatlantic English languages a moment of hesitation from the windows delivery of brand new A350! Which looked good and were not is a feature that I find Virgin Atlantic ’ s Terminal here... Bra … the staff greeted me and asked if I wanted something, and a cookie... Power outlet and USB socket, witty, and had to virgin atlantic upper class review 787 thoughtful didn’t notice anyone use the is! Hubby and I lost around $ 4500 in cash, when the main cabin door closed, at point! It looks like a fun flight for under 6 hours, it ’ s 787-900 ; Upper Class:! This was just a distraction from what ’ s more than sufficient, given how many of the.! Car and welcomed me to take my seat was a short flight the croissant bit. Be reviewing in the last row aboard announcement purse stowed under the footwell was ransacked and I around. Review, thanks any entity mentioned herein visit this page is not the card that I was if! Go right to sleep had just a distraction from what ’ s Premium Economy and 192 in Economy bring pieces.

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