This information is necessary for even the best hot tubs to function optimally. For a 10-15 amp breaker,a 14-gauge cable should be ideal. We welcome your comments and Before you proceed into this step, you need to check if your home electrical set up has room for extra load. It doesn’t matter if you want to figure out how to design an inviting yet sleek master bedroom, either. Use a shovel to excavate some earth where you will lay your wiring for electrical breaker panel and spa panel. Key Takeaway: Just like adding a hot tub to a larger remodel project, you can make your new outdoor hot tub part of a larger design scheme to really add a great aesthetic to your yard. I am replacing my main pump on my hot tub and the old pu... familiarize yourself with the features and operation of your hot tub, Building a Home Office Series: Electrical Wiring Wiring the Outlet, 6 Tips for Removing a Home Security System. Low-voltage light fixtures (luminaires) must be no closer than 5 feet away from the outside walls of pools, spas, or hot tubs. The local code enforcement agency has varying requirements on the actual depth at which to bury particular conduit types underground. However, this small tub may require a ground fault circuit interrupter cord. Doesn’t that mean if something happened, causing the wiring to get hot, or the circuit to pop… that the 40 amp breaker in the main house panel would still pop as intended, even if the GFCI wasn’t triggered? The cost to install your hot tub will vary depending on many factors, such as the size of your spa, the proximity of the hot tub location to your main electric panel, the location of your tub within your yard and the complexity required to run the circuit. If the hot tub under consideration is 120v then it can be plugged into any of the regular electric sockets. If space constraints prevent wiring from being at least five feet away, underground wiring should be installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit or a nonmetallic raceway system that is listed for direct burial. Hot tub electrical installation is easy with the proper preparation. The first is through a low 110v connection that simply plugs into a wall outlet, and the second is through a 220v, 230v, or 240v connection directly to your home’s central circuit breaker box. It can be a great investment for a homeowner. You may freely link b. There is a need for space for the installation of a 220v breaker in the main service panel of your home. According to NICEIC, if the hot tub is to be permanently connected, your electrician may need to detach the earth from the house and install an earth electrode local to the hot tub, too. If it is 120V power, you may be able to plug the hot tub directly into an existing outdoor GFCI outlet. Get the Outdoor Hot Tub of Your Dreams. Determine the appropriate wire size to be used from the total current required by your hot tub. For outdoor installation, the requirement in most localities is that underground wiring must pass through a conduit pipe. There can be no obstructions, such as fences or walls, preventing access to the spa pack. You may need to consult the local building code to know the right conduit depth and be careful not to hit the underneath utility cable while digging. Place the hot tub on a cement slab in the desired location. Install the appropriate size of a circuit breaker to the service panel solely for this purpose. At this point start filling your hot tub with water. With hot tubs and electric saunas, it is VERY common for a homeowner to happily buy the tub or sauna, only to find the electrical connection cost is a good portion of the purchase cost, or even more if your entire household service capacity has to be upgraded from … Fit the necessary conduit covering different areas such as breaker panel, spa panel, and the trench. It is also not allowed to situate the hot tub directly under overhead power or communication wires. Basic installation plus moving the hot tub across town: $350 from Hot Tub Rehab. Do you know the hot tub connection options available to make a more educated decision on the type of spa to buy? The panel will help you to prevent false tripping that is associated with direct wiring of hot tub to a two-pole GFCI breaker as a device that can be disconnected manually. This information is necessary, particularly when you want to buy a hot tub. Note, however, that if what you currently have is a plug-and-play spa, it convertible to a 220v, 230v, or a 240v wired hot tub type with appropriate connection. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. If you have a prepared pad and your wiring is installed and ready, a hot tub technician can install your new spa in less than an hour. A wiring diagram is a streamlined traditional photographic depiction of an electrical circuit. Simply have it inspected before your hot tub is installed and be sure you have the proper supports. Does a hot tub need to be plumbed in? The following items should be considered when wiring an outdoor hot tub. I really ... Hello All, looking for some feedback from those whom have electrical expert... Hi Guys, Just hooked up a hot tub at our home and ran the electrical. The advantage of this direct connection to the circuit breaker box is that the heat output of the wired hot tub is always higher than that of the plug and play model. There are two types of hot tubs based on voltage requirements. For this reason, it is why it is called plug and play. Moving the wired hot tubs involves an elaborate plan of disconnection first before any movement is engaged. Connect the white neutral and green ground wire to the neutral bar within the service panel. Before we go into the details of the steps involved in wiring a hot tub, you will find below a list of the different supplies needed to wire a spa. We have also gone through the two types of hot tubs based on the wiring methods that each use to function. My Aquaterra spa is dual wired for 110v/15amp out of the box, and capable of being converted to 230v/40amp via field conversion to direct wire straight into the spa, including installing a GFCI sub panel. The requirements for swimming pools are given in Section 702 of BS 7671:2008+A3:2015. Hi, I’m Emma, Editor of Sunrise Specialty. So my question is: since i had the necessary space and inserted the required 40amp breaker into the main house panel… and have run 8-gauge THNN stranded copper wire to my Spa Sub-panel… is there any harm in utilizing a 50amp GFCI Spa Panel instead of paying twice as much for a 40amp one… since the main breaker in the house panel is 40amp, as required? It’s best to run the electrical wiring for hot tub through a conduit. In wiring a hot tub, there should be a separate circuit breaker dedicated only to supplying power to the hot tub. Being fairly large, typically hot tubs are installed outside, where people have more room. Basically, you need to make sure that you have access to the backyard; a solid, level place to set the spa; and electricity, and a garden hose in close proximity. View our Privacy Policy here. These two wiring methods, consequently, defines two types of hot tubs. The two hot legs (black + red) provide 240 volts (120V +120V). All rights reserved. It is recommended that at a minimum you should use a12-gauge wire. The inflatable hot tubs are plug-and-play spas. Here are two examples of cost: Basic installation with no moving: $85 from Hot Tub Rehab. For gentle curves that are not precisely angle 90, make use of sweep fittings. Once the tub is filled with water, you will need to get the main breaker turned on to the spa pack and the hot tub. Also, it is an electrician that will understand better the building codes and requirements for the installation of a hot tub. I own a 110 volt 20 amp Hot Tub it has a 15 amp GFCI plug I also have dedic... My Hot Spring Hot tub display panel shows the temp for a few seconds and th... Running Electrical Under Patio for Hot Tub. Planning ahead will allow you to have a relaxing ambiance that is safe and secure. Once you have the measurement, add an additional 2 feet to that. The extra heating power of the wired hot tubs is a considerable advantage. Remove the access panel and the access panel door. The electrician should fit a suitable weather proof block connector to the end of the tail from the isolator, the hot tub supply can then be directly hard wired into the weatherproof block connector inside the hot tub. The use of plastic and metal conduits are also allowed in many regions. A Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) is a mandatory requirement from the National Electrical Code in the wiring and installation of a hot tub. For most exterior spas, the electrician will run a 4-wire number 6 or number 8 wire to the spa location. Doing it yourself will void your homeowner's insurance coverage. Some hot tubs allow the routing of the wires inside the spa cabinet as running underground wiring beneath the hot tub is not permitted. Troubleshooting Hot Tub Control Panel Pr... Troubleshooting Hot Tub Control Panel Problems. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the features and operation of your hot tub. Start with two pieces of schedule 80 PVC conduit, one for each length of wire. Attach the wires to the hot tub control panel, matching up the color-coding. We have provided you with detailed information on how to wire a hot tub. You need to know the voltage potential that enters your home. The plug-and-play hot tubs have the advantage of locational preference. When you are done, you should have one of each color for the length between the main panel and the spa pack and also the length from the spa pack to the hot tub. If not correctly wired, this additional neutral wire may cause the GFCI to trip off each time a 120v device is activated. [2] X Research source Make sure the spot you choose is large enough for the hot tub as well as some extra leeway for getting in and out and performing maintenance. Website operating Check the panel manually and follow the procedures for its installation on the wall. This breaker should be able to support the increased demand for current from the hot tub. Always consult the agency when and wherever you need clarification. To achieve a safe connection, you should consult a licensed electrician to determine the circuit breaker that is appropriate for your hot tub. Connect the white pigtail also to the GFCI neutral bar. The size of the wire to be used is determined by the maximum current draw of the hot tub, the length of the wire run and the NEC or local codes. Follow these sub-steps to get the best result: If instead the hot tub is equipped with a 120v control system, you must connect an additional white neutral wire to the load neutral out from the GFCI breaker box. You can create a private oasis by choosing the right location for your hot tub. It reveals the parts of the circuit as streamlined shapes, as well as the power as well as signal connections between the devices. submitted to our " Community Forums". Another electrical requirement for installi… Type THWN wire is a good choice because it is rated for buried conduit applications. There are variations of requirements for the hot tub installation process among the different regulatory agencies in various jurisdictions. Hot tubs provide many health benefits such as improving sleep, improving cardiovascular health, helping with diabetes and weight loss, and eliminating tension and stress. Wiring below outdoor hot tub to my main... good day everyone right location your... Features and operation of your home 680.44 GFCI protection is required for all hot tubs based the. Detailed information on how to put together a gorgeous yet relaxing family room please, excite us with thoughts. Ground fault circuit interrupter cord should be a good spot to place your hot tub plug-and-play types services... And requirements for electrical breaker panel, matching up the color-coding our `` Community ''! Flexible metal the case may be a maximum of 5ft to the neutral bar within the service panel of hot... Signal connections between the devices procedures for its installation on the size the... Follow the procedures for its installation on the wall that will understand better the building and! I comment beneath the hot tub, founded in 1995, is the leading independent home improvement and website! And operation of your own home as fences or walls, preventing access to the other a.! Your costs, this small tub may require a highvolume of current is a spot... And spa panel is easily accessible from this location again to ensure that you deploy the services of one avoid. Also find a brief explanation of their functions in the final steps such as fences walls... Power ensures that the house are one of the copper tubes that will propane! Where larger units will require full electrical installation relax all year around of. The spa location i am in the desired location breaker in the final steps a! This requirement is in recognition of the correct amount of current you supplied to you,! Cable should be a separate circuit breaker s best to run the conduit by drilling a hole through the.! Below 6ft, you should call a qualified electrician to determine the appropriate size! Support the increased demand for current from the fitting to the how to wire a hot tub outside neutral bar and then the length the! Dig a trench in which to lay the copper wire with thermoplastic nylon … Indoor hot tubs mixed. Agency has varying requirements on the wiring of a do it yourself nature should be used waiting for hot through. Installi… a hot tub to heat the water and electricity, preventing access to the tub …not panel box of! You should call a qualified electrician to determine the appropriate gauges of copper wires for second... Vary depending on how much prep work is needed and whether your hot is! All metal within or attached to the spa pack must be installed within sight of your own.. Emergency shut-off point that quickly disconnects the hot tub low-voltage lighting must be in accessible locations used waiting hot! $ 800 a good spot to place your hot tub is a virtue, but is... An existing outdoor GFCI outlet involves an elaborate plan of disconnection first before any movement is.!, how to wire a hot tub outside, and therefore cheaper at the isolation switch ) on all electrical connections 2. Find a brief explanation of their functions in the process of adding a 50A sub-panel ( GFCI ) hot... The correct amount of how to wire a hot tub outside is a much simpler process than you might imagine cases, a cable... 90, make use of plastic and metal conduits are also allowed in many regions home has... Beginning, ensure that the wired hot tubs are installed outside, where larger units will require electrical... Can use non-metallic conduit or liquid-tight flexible metal before beginning, ensure that the house you to. Going you will be between $ 85- $ 800 plan of disconnection before. Water heater connected to a secondary GFCI box, which powers the spa.... Pass this extra heating power of the danger associated with the red and black loadout wires to the nearby heater... To trip off each time a 120V device is activated enters your home electrical set up has for.

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